Workscope named the "One To Watch" and leading innovator in the Bloor EUC Management & Governance Update.


Technology does the heavy lifting

Plug Workscope into your organisation and immediately start gathering insights and analysis with out-of-the-box reporting designed to simplify and accelerate decision making and deliver value from day one. Insights are real-time all the time.

Minimise Risk

Workscope captures insights directly from end-user desktops, thus enabling organisations to capture a complete understanding of EUC usage behaviour and a complete real-time inventory.

Seamless Integration

No need for ad-hoc network scans, moving of files or disturbance to existing end-user processes and workflow. Workscope seamlessly plugs and plays within your existing environment.

Designed for
High Performance

Workscope is designed to work in the most demanding and complex environments. This means that there is no latency and no need to compromise on end-user machine performance.

Built to Scale

Workscope was build to scale, so no matter how large the universe of spreadsheets and EUC’s scattered across the organisation, Workscope will enable you to track and makes sense of it all.

Unlimited Spreadsheets
and EUC’s

Capture and analyse as many spreadsheets as your organisation requires. Whether your universe is 100 or 100,000, there will be no additional costs. Workscope is designed to manage and process big data.

See Workscope in action

Connect with us to learn how Workscope can help manage and uncover value across your end-user developed applications and operational processes.