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For enterprise

Risk, Governance & Intelligence Platform

A real-time risk & insights solution providing real-time transparency and enterprise intelligence across every spreadsheet that supports your business operations.


For individuals

Productivity, Risk & Remediation Add-In

Work faster, build more robust and reliable spreadsheets with a suite of one-click operation tools in the Workscope Excel Plug-In.


Map, monitor, improve & de-risk your organisation

File discovery + contextual
operational insights.

An aggregated view of the universe shows you what exists. The contextual analysis helps you understand why it exists.

The result? Maintain oversight and address business challenges faster and more accurately without disrupting end-users.

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Check every model

Govern and assess an unlimited number of models, without additional fees.

Workscope manages the governance and oversight process according to your internal policy, making it easier than ever for end-users and managers to maintain and demonstrate compliance.

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Track data from
end to end

End-to-end data lineage capabilities automatically map relationships between spreadsheets and data sources.

Better understand how data sources are consumed, where data dependencies reside and where data risks exist.

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Identify, remediate & manage
before you migrate.

Migrating to new versions of Microsoft Office can be disruptive to end-users and business processes.

Workscope provides the tools you need to mitigate and minimize disruption to end-users and keep the business running as usual.

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Discover and spot opportunities
without the manual overhead.

Identifying where to invest time and resources for digital transformation and automation initiatives is time-consuming.

Automate the discovery process, pinpoint the most impactful opportunities and manage the requirements for transformation.

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Save time with automated
error checking

End users are building increasingly complex spreadsheets. Help avoid risks and improve spreadsheet quality with a suite of productivity tools and automated quality control checks.

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Connect with us to learn how Workscope can help manage and uncover value across your end-user developed applications and operational processes.


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