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Our mission is to empower you with more insights and more control while preserving and protecting against risk.

Technology to understand
people & processes

Armed with decades of experience working within the financial services industry, we have created a solution that enables you to understand the people and processes behind the files that support operations across your organisation. Workscope connects spreadsheets, data & end-user behaviour.

Operational insights to provide context

We transform this data into relevant reporting and analytics that surface insights, alert to enterprise risks, inform business decisions, and unlock new opportunities. From ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements to helping your organisation fast-track automation initiatives, our technology is changing the way businesses utilise and govern end-user computing.

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What is End-User Computing (EUC)?

End-user computing refers to computer systems and platforms in which non-programmers can create working computer applications. Examples of end-user computing applications include spreadsheets, MATLAB, Python, PowerPoint, Word, and Microsoft Access.

The term End-User Computing or EUC is often referred to by using slightly different acronyms. For example, some firms refer to a EUC as a Business-Critical User Applications (BCUA), End-User Computing Application (EUDA), End-User Developed Application (EUDA), or User-Developed Application (UDA). All these different terms used to describe an end-user computing application essentially refers to the same thing and can be used interchangeably.

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