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Identifying where to invest time and resources for digital transformation and automation initiatives is time-consuming.

Automate the discovery process, pinpoint the most impactful opportunities and manage the requirements for transformation.

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Identify manual processes

Manual process discovery is expensive, time-consuming and disruptive to end-users. Workscope identifies manual EUC and Shadow-IT processes automatically without requiring any end-user input. The reporting portal provides an organisational view on all manual spreadsheet processes making it easy to identify where the digital transformation opportunities exist.

Pinpoint the best ROI

Contextual EUC discovery provides insights on how much time and human-capital is associated with each manual spreadsheet process. This insight makes it possible to spot which processes will give the biggest return on investment if they were automated or re-engineered.

Identify data & dependencies

Spreadsheet models often consume data from multiple data sources and each file can have dependencies to other files in a process chain. Workscope creates data lineage and dependency maps which ensure every detail is known and included at the design and implementation phase of the digital transformation.

Identify champions

Getting the right people involved helps drive a successful transformation project forward. Behind every manual process, there are people who are building and maintaining them. Workscope will automatically map out which people are involved with each manual process and how they interact with each file. These insights make it easy to involve the right people at the right time.

Data-driven decisions

Workscope is a data-driven platform which gathers hundreds of data points for every single manual spreadsheet and Shadow-IT process in real-time. This means that all the data you need to identify, plan and implement a successful digital transformation is available instantly when you need it.

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