Workscope named the "One To Watch" and leading innovator in the Bloor EUC Management & Governance Update.


Digital Transformation

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Identify manual processes

Manual process discovery is expensive, time-consuming and disruptive to end-users. Workscope identifies manual EUC and Shadow-IT processes automatically without requiring any end-user input. The reporting portal provides an organisational view on all manual spreadsheet processes making it easy to identify where the digital transformation opportunities exist.

Pinpoint the best ROI

Contextual EUC discovery provides insights on how much time and human-capital is associated with each manual spreadsheet process. This insight makes it possible to spot which processes will give the biggest return on investment if they were automated or re-engineered.

Identify data & dependencies

Spreadsheet models often consume data from multiple data sources and each file can have dependencies to other files in a process chain. Workscope creates data lineage and dependency maps which ensure every detail is known and included at the design and implementation phase of the digital transformation.

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