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Microsoft 365 Migration

Migrating to new versions of Microsoft Office can be disruptive to end-users and business processes.

Workscope provides the tools you need to mitigate and minimize disruption to end-users and keep the business running as usual.
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Improve the Microsoft migration planning process

Creating a migration plan is critical for delivering a successful migration to Office 365. Project managers often struggle to build a migration plan quickly enough because the end-user computing environment is so dispersed and is a constantly moving target. Workscope automates the EUC discovery process which enables project managers to have a clear line of sight across the end-user computing environment.

Understand the scope of the migration

Visibility across the estate of end-user computing files enables project managers to understand the scope of the migration upfront. Typically, after an EUC network discovery scan, the deeper analysis of the EUC inventory is done manually. Workscope automates the deeper analysis of files, locations, properties, usage, embedded objects, dependencies and much more. The analysis makes it clear which users and files are in scope, therefore, enabling project managers to appreciate the bigger picture upfront. This ensures that resource requirements and timelines for the migration can be correctly defined right from the outset.

Prioritise and manage the migration of users and files

Workscope provides reporting with business context which means that managers can easily see where technical issues reside across the inventory of the files,  how severe each spreadsheet migration issue is, and which users or processes across the business are impacted by each issue. This makes it much easier to plan the migration since managers can see which users/departments/files can be migrated quickly and which issues will require more time and resources for remediation prior to migration.

Address 32-bit and 64-bit compatibility issues

Many organisations are upgrading to the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office in order to handle much larger worksheets. However, many spreadsheet processes have been built with 32-bit controls which will not work when upgraded. Workscope identifies these issues automatically so that the business impact of upgrading can be identified before the migration takes place.

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