Workscope named the "One To Watch" and leading innovator in the Bloor EUC Management & Governance Update.


Spreadsheet & EUC Discovery

Effortlessly discover and analyse every spreadsheet to understand every aspect of each file and the activity taking place across the organisation.
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Making the invisible, visible

Workscope will discovery EUC files regardless of where they reside – this includes network drives, SharePoint sites, document management systems, websites and local desktop machines.

  • All files are searched at their source continuously in real-time without causing any disruption.
  • This means you will always have a real-time view of the end-user computing estate.

Continuous discovery

Periodic discovery initiatives result in stale data from the moment the discovery project ends. To overcome this problem, Workscope provides non-disruptive continuous discovery which ensures new files are identified and their criticality assessed from the moment they are created.

Scalable discovery platform

  • Workscope is built to scale.

Whether your organisation has hundreds, thousands or many millions of spreadsheets, Workscope will identify and analyse each file and will ensure that there is a complete and contextual picture of the end-user computing environment.

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