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Spreadsheet & EUC Discovery

An aggregated view of the universe shows you what exists. The contextual analysis helps you understand why it exists.

The result? Maintain oversight and address business challenges faster and more accurately without disrupting end-users.

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Discover EUC’s regardless of location.

Workscope will discovery EUC files regardless of where they reside – this includes network drives, SharePoint sites, document management systems, websites and local desktop machines. All files are searched at their source continuously in real-time without causing any disruption. This means you will always have a real-time view of the end-user computing estate.

Continuous discovery

Periodic discovery initiatives result in stale data from the moment the discovery project ends. To overcome this problem, Workscope provides non-disruptive continuous discovery which ensures new files are identified and their criticality assessed from the moment they are created.

Scalable discovery platform

Workscope is built to scale. Whether your organisation has hundreds, thousands or many millions of spreadsheets, Workscope will identify and analyse each file and will ensure that there is a complete and contextual picture of the end-user computing environment.

Understand file activity

Contextual discovery makes it easy to spot which files are being actively used compared to files that are inactive. This simple view of the inventory makes it much easier to clean-up the network and will reveal which EUC files are a priority. This insight makes it much simpler to pinpoint where efforts or resources should be focused.

Secure discovery

Workscope does not require any elevated permissions or separate user accounts to be set up in order to complete EUC discovery. Security considerations are built into the platform and admin’s can select what folders they wish to include or exclude during the discovery process. All data remains secure and only accessible to users who have permission to see it.

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