Workscope named the "One To Watch" and leading innovator in the Bloor EUC Management & Governance Update.


Data Lineage & Governance

Understand end-user data consumption and map out spreadsheet data dependencies from end-to-end
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Automatically map data Lineage across Excel

Spreadsheets do not live in isolation and are often connected to one another, or other data sources. Workscope will automatically map out the lineage, enabling you to monitor data connections, data consumption, and any upstream or downstream data dependencies.

Enhance data and workflow visibility for end-user computing

End-to-End data lineage visibility enables you to understand the complete chain of data connectivity across spreadsheet processes. The discovery process includes spreadsheet connections, database queries, website queries, CSV inputs, and third-party data. Thus making it easy to monitor data dependencies and the knock-on effect of making changes to a data source.

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