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Data Lineage
& Governance

End-to-end data lineage capabilities automatically map relationships between spreadsheets and data sources.

Better understand how data sources are consumed, where data dependencies reside and where data risks exist.

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Data dependency mapping

Workscope provides a simple end to end data visualisation for monitoring data dependencies that exist across end-user computing environment. See exactly what each spreadsheet file is connected to a monitor upstream and downstream data connections.

Manual data mapping

Sometimes data dependencies are created from manual end-user input such as copying and pasting data from an email into a spreadsheet model. Workscope provide a mechanism to capture manual data dependencies and build these into the end to end data dependency maps.

Data source monitoring

Monitor how spreadsheets are consuming data from all available data sources in real-time. Ensure that all data being consumed is from the approved golden source and set up notifications to alert you any time an unapproved data source is connected to a spreadsheet.

Data licence compliance

Workscope helps prevent third-party data licence breaches by automatically checking whether third-party data is being republished to other end-user spreadsheet models or other data sources which are not permitted under the data licence.

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