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End-User Computing
Made Simple

Workscope’s technology makes it easy to map, monitor and improve governance without disruption and without compromising on agility. Workscope helps you make sense of the complexity and delivers value from the moment you install it.

Contextual Operational

Workscope goes beyond standard EUC discovery and file analysis. Insights combine file and usage behaviour and are delivered through a purpose-built, intelligence platform. Contextual analysis reveals the business value and helps pinpoint opportunities to improve business processes.

Automated Risk &
Compliance Checks

Workscope automatically monitors EUC’s for compliance against best practices and internal policies. It flags vulnerabilities to the right people at the right time to ensure issues are resolved and the business can maintain and demonstrate compliance.

Fix What
Matters Most

Not all vulnerabilities are created equal. Workscope prioritizes issues based on usage, criticality, business impact or any other custom metric, so you know exactly what needs your attention the most.

Governance Without
Manual Overhead

With a native integration into Microsoft Excel & Office applications, Workscope streamlines EUC governance by ensuring everyone is connected and remains compliant, without diverting time away from core business processes.

Simplifying End-User Computing


View your files, understand their vulnerabilities, usage and dependencies all in one place for easier monitoring.


Understand the impact of each vulnerability so you can easily choose the best course of action.


Purpose-built analytics platform delivers unparalleled analysis, enabling a view of the inventory through any lens.

See Workscope in action

Connect with us to learn how Workscope can help manage and uncover value across your end-user developed applications and operational processes.


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