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What is End-User Computing (EUC)?

End-user computing refers to computer systems and platforms in which non-programmers can create working computer applications. Examples of end-user computing applications include spreadsheets, MATLAB, Python, PowerPoint, Word, and Microsoft Access.

The term End-User Computing or EUC is often referred to by using slightly different acronyms. For example, some firms refer to a EUC as a Business-Critical User Applications (BCUA), End-User Computing Application (EUDA), End-User Developed Application (EUDA), or User-Developed Application (UDA). All these different terms used to describe an end-user computing application essentially refers to the same thing and can be used interchangeably.

Who is Workscope for?

Workscope is designed for businesses that use a lot of spreadsheets. Workscope delivers get deep insights and powerful business intelligence reporting to show how spreadsheets are utilised and support the day-to-day business processes. Organizations will be able to see exactly where risk, errors and inefficiencies exist within the organization. End-users also benefit from a suite of easy to use tools to remediate issues and improve business productivity.


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