Jan 07, 2021
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2021 Events: AI, Risk, Data, Operational Resilience & Transformation

2021 Events: AI, Risk, Data, Operational Resilience & Transformation

45 events & conferences happening in 2021

There is an abundance of conferences taking place this year - most of which will remain virtual after the rapid transition to online platforms during the COVID-19 pandemic. As events have continued to transition online, there has been a big uplift in the value offered by virtual conferences with many now offering a more immersive delegate experience for presentations and networking. While we all look forward to meeting everyone in person, the transition to online provides an efficient opportunity to join events taking place anywhere in the world - allowing you to get the latest insights and methodologies to stay ahead of the competition in 2021.

Workscope has sifted through the list of global and shortlisted 45 of the most promising events themed around the top priorities of today's senior executives and decision-makers:

Below is a list of 45 events we think are worth considering. Do you know of a great event that’s missing? Contact us via info@workscope.com and we’ll add it to the list.


Artificial Intelligence

Ai4 Finance Summit: 3-4 March 2021

A two-day conference dedicated to exploring artificial intelligence within financial services. The event is well attended by speakers from large financial institutions and focuses on applying techniques to financial use cases.

Deep Learning 2.0 Virtual Summit: 28-29 January 2021

The summit welcomes 700 attendees and 50 speakers split into five streams. The event focuses on the latest methods in artificial intelligence, its ethical and social impact, and applications of AI within the enterprise. The enterprise stream provides a platform for hearing real-world case studies as well as the latest tools for tapping into the potential of AI across your enterprise.

World Summit AI: 20-21 April 2021

This conference welcomes C suite executives, scientists, engineers, investors, and senior practitioners from across the enterprise, big tech, start-ups, scale-ups, and academia. The conference will provide heated debates on AI, ethics, and applied solutions for the enterprise alongside a series of practical workshops.

3rd Annual RPA and AI in the Financial Market: 10-11 June 2021

Looking at RPA and AI in the financial markets, this event explores how firms are driving large scale adoption of RPA and offers case studies that demonstrate how large organisations are developing their application of AI and progressing towards intelligent automation.

2nd International Conference on AI & Robotics: 29-30 September 2021

This Singapore based conference brings together leading researchers and scientists to present the latest research and techniques in quantum computing, cloud computing, robotics, AI, machine learning and big data analytics.


Business Continuity, Operational Excellence & Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management 2021: 24-26 March 2021

A 3-day virtual conference providing updates on the latest trends and industry best practices in enterprise risk management. The panel covers a wide range of topics including techniques in identifying emerging risks, embedding a risk intelligence culture, and adopting data-driven approaches for risk management

International Conference on Business Continuity and Risk Management: 29-30 March 2021

ICBCRM 2021 provides a forum for academics, researchers and practitioners to share their experiences and research results on all aspects of business continuity and risk management.

Operational Excellence Week October 18-21: 18-21 October 2021

This conference promises to deliver over 50 case studies that will share how organisations have successfully eliminated inefficiencies within their operations, harnessed digital transformation and built a sustainable operational excellence culture.


CFO, Finance, Treasury & Audit

Future of Finance & CFO Summit: 16-17 February

The summit provides an opportunity to directly hear CFO’s and finance leaders talk about embracing change and establishing frameworks for enterprise-wide transformation. The agenda includes topics related to supporting innovation, productivity and process automation.

ICAEW Virtually Live 2021: 15-17 June 2021

CFOlondon: TBC

This invitation-only event gathers 60 leading CFOs and financial strategists from the largest enterprises for a single day to focus on financial trends that will remain dominant over the next 12 months.


CIO & Chief Data Office

CIO Digital Roundtable: Redefining the workplace for 2021 and beyond: 28 January 2021

This industry roundtable provides an intimate forum to discuss with industry peers. The discussions will focus on where to make investments to ensure better workplace resilience, and how to optimise the digital workplace with zero trust practices.

Chief Data Officer Exchange: 23-24 March 2021

An invitation-only event for senior executives who are responsible for devising and implementing value-driven data strategies.

CIO Summit: 25 March 2021

This summit brings together leading CIO’s & IT Executives from across industries to share best practices and discuss challenges and opportunities arising from the latest technology in a private, closed-door environment.

IDC CIO Summit 2021: 8 April 2021

Through a series of presentations, panel discussions, real-life use cases, this summit will tackle strategic topics such as “the future of work”, intelligent automation, and priorities in digital leadership.

Gartner Data & Analytics Summit: 4-6 May 2021

The conference is aimed at executives that want to develop a data-centric organisation. The agenda includes panels that will discuss how to accelerate the adoption of AI & machine learning across the organisation and augment data management by building a foundation of trust, accountability and governance.


CRO & Operational Risk

6th Edition Operational Risk Management: 1-2 February 2021

GFMI present a forum for operational risk professionals to assess the regulatory landscape where attendees can hear directly from regulators. The event will discuss the best methods for approaching cyber risk and controls to enhance operational risk management across the enterprise.

Bank Audit & Risk Committees Conference: 14-16 June 2021

This conference focuses on governance, risk and compliance and attracts an audience of bank officers and directors. The agenda includes presentations on the effectiveness of internal controls, model risk management, model validation, high priority enterprise risk management topics and discussions about the latest risks in the banking industry.

GARP Virtual Risk Convention: 22 February 2021

Hosted by the Global Association of Risk Professionals, this conference offers a wide-ranging risk agenda spread over three days. Themes include a new world of risk and resilience, operational resilience in the UK & EU, banking 2.0 the rise of new technologies, stress testing and scenario analysis.

Global OpRisk Week: 22-26 March 2021

Global OpRisk Week attracts 600 senior attendees from 3 continents and covers a wide range of operational risk topics. The agenda includes updates and guidance from the changing regulatory environment, increasing risk awareness and discussions around the future of operational resilience.

New Generation Operational Risk Europe: TBC

Hosted by the Centre for financial professionals, this conference will cover the industry’s top priorities such as operational resilience, developing a holistic view for managing non-financial risk, and implementing a risk culture to drive positive conduct.

OpRisk Asia Virtual 2021: 24-25 March 2021

Join over 100 senior operational risk professionals and hear from 25 speakers. The agenda is centred around building operational resilience and business continuity, cyber resilience, ensuring data compliance, mitigating the risks associated with a data breach, and managing third-party vendor risk in a changing environment.

Risk EMEA 2021: 21-22 September 2021

Meet and hear from Chief Risk Officers and risk executives from across the financial services industry on the latest challenges, trends, and innovation in finance.


Digital Workplace & Workplace Software

Digital Workplace Conference: 10-11 March 2021

This two-day event provides a range of interactive sessions, virtual roundtables, and case study presentations split into six streams. The streams include; making remote working safer for employees and your organisation, the evolution of new technologies, and digital workplace applications solutions and innovations.

Digital Workplace Experience: 11 February, 13 May, 15 July, 14 October

The Digital Workplace Experience offers a series of four events taking place quarterly in 2021. Each event focusses on specific themes, including the evolution of work, digital literacy, knowledge ecosystems in modern organisations, and intelligent platforms.

Global Excel Summit: 6-9 February 2021

Microsoft Excel has more than 1 billion users across the world and remains one of the most widely used applications in business today. The use of spreadsheets is not without risk and there are many examples where a lack of knowledge and excel errors have led to major disruption. This conference will bring together some of the best practitioners and over 1000 attendees who will learn about the latest functionalities and best practices for building safe and efficient spreadsheets.

Workscope is sponsoring and presenting at this conference. We will be announcing the launch of a new product. If you are attending the event, please be sure to connect with us on the day. 


Enterprise Technology, Change & Transformation

Business Change & Transformation: 7 July 2021

The event aims to deliver new and innovative business transformation strategies from across different industries. The agenda includes topics related to successfully delivering transformation programmes during times for remote working.

Digital Enterprise Show: 18-20 May 2021

Billed as the world’s leading show on digital transformation, this conference is a great place to discover the most cutting-edge technology from the top tech companies. This is the place to discover solutions that can help you become more competitive in your industry.

Dublin Tech Summit: 17 June 2021

The summit brings together over 5000 attendees and 100 speakers for a one-day event to discover the latest technology, exchange knowledge, and learn the latest strategies to maximise the benefits of technology.

The Future of Banking: Establishing Digital Transformation: June 2021

Join over 200 visionary speakers and 1,000 finance and technology leaders to network and discuss the impact and opportunities of digital transformation that exist within the financial sector.

London Enterprise Technology Meetup: Monthly

This monthly meetup brings together senior executives, entrepreneurs, technology companies and investors to network, hear about the latest technology, and learn from one another.


Information Security & Risk Management

Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit: 22-23 February 2021

This is a 3-track event which has agendas focused on management & leadership, digital risk management, and security technology and architecture.

CyberTech Global: 5-7 April 2021

The Cybertech Global conference is one of the only events in our list that is expected to be an in-person experience this year. It caters for a wide range of audiences with themes related to artificial intelligence, authentication, fraud & deception, and a wide range of topics that would keep a CISO up at night.

RSA Conference 2021: 17-21 May 2021

The RSA Conference is where the cybersecurity world meets to talk security. The conference is focussed on a singular theme which in 2021 will be resilience.

InfoSecurity Europe: 8-10 June 2021

This 3-day event is a great place to connect with the Infosec community and learn about everything new related to information and cybersecurity.

Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit: 13-15 September 2021

The agenda for Gartner’s Security & Risk Management Summit has not been released yet, but it will likely build upon the tracks that were established during the 2020 conference as these themes remain prevalent as we enter 2021. Last year’s agenda included a focus on innovative risk management practices, best practices related technology & architecture, and discussions around shaping attitudes and behaviours to achieve better inclusion and diversity across the profession.

Enterprise Security & Risk Management: 24 November 2021

With over 1200 attendees, 10 seminars and 20 key experts, this event is billed as the U.K.’s premier enterprise security and risk management event for connecting enterprise with business. Expect to hear from a wide range of speakers from across different industries with topics related to current and emerging security threats. The agenda includes topics to help streamline your information sources, become a better Digital business leader, and how to implement a cybersecurity culture change across your organisation.


Model Risk Management

Agile Model Risk Management: 27 January 2021

This webinar aims to ensure that end-users and cross-functional risk expertise are incorporated during model development in order to address key risks upfront.

2nd Annual Model Risk Management in Banking: 8-10 February 2021

This conference includes a series of workshops that aim to help attendees create an appropriate model risk management system and establish a governance process.

17th Edition Model Risk: 24-25 February 2021

This US-based event brings together senior representatives from across the financial services industry as well as senior representatives from the regulators. The event aims to help financial institutions address the current regulatory landscape within model risk management.

Workscope is sponsoring this conference and will be hosting a panel discussion. If you are attending the event, please be sure to connect with us on the day. 

Model Risk Management Masterclass: 23-25 March 2021

A 3-day event aimed at model risk management professionals who are looking for practical insights into the model risk function and for new methods to help improve modelling best practices.


Process Automation

Finance Process Automation: 27 January 2021

Targeted specifically at finance professionals, this event will explore best practices in creating greater integration and efficiencies in finance processes. Attendees will learn how to implement virtual and remote testing and validation of systems, and maximise the use of technology to streamline processes.

Intelligent Automation Executives Select: 22-23 February 2021

A cross-functional and cross-industry forum brings together 30 executives to benchmark and shares experiences on topics such as process discovery, hyperautomation, RPA, and conversational intelligence.


RegTech & Compliance

AI in Finance & RegTech Virtual Summit: 15-16 April 2021

Aimed at CTO’s, data scientists, and engineers – this summit discusses the rising impact of RegTech and presents the latest machine learning applications in the financial sector such as tools for anomaly detection and pattern recognition in financial time series.

RegTech Summit Virtual: 18-20 May 2021

A wide-ranging agenda covering approaches in operational resilience and business continuity, cybersecurity when remote working, improving KYC, and data sourcing and data aggregation challenges for risk factor modelling